Working with the PeopleSoft Add-in

When using the PeopleSoft Add-in, UFT identifies most objects in your PeopleSoft application as Web objects.

However, UFT provides a customized PSFrame test object to identify PeopleSoft frames. The PSFrame object differs from the Web Frame object both in its test object description and its algorithm for generating object names. This customization helps make your PeopleSoft tests easy to read and maintain.

When recording, UFT treats Web test objects that are child objects of a PSFrame test object as PeopleSoft objects and thus applies the settings in the PeopleSoft event configuration XML file when recording those objects.

When learning PSFrame objects, or Web pages containing PSFrame objects, the following child objects are automatically filtered out and are not added to the object repository:

  • WebElement

  • WebTable

  • Images of type "Plain Image"

  • Images with type "Image Link"

If you want to add an object that is automatically filtered out, you can manually add it by selecting it in the Object Selection Dialog Box .