Recording steps on Jtable cell editors

UFT records operations differently, depending on the type of JTable cell editor in the table cell.

If you are recording on standard cell editors in Swing Jtable tables, UFT records operations by default in the same way it records other table objects, using SetCellData statements.

However, when a JTable contains a custom (non-standard) cell editor, the default SetCellData statement cannot be recorded. For example, if a cell contains both a check box and a button that opens a dialog box, then a SetCellData statement may not always provide an accurate description of the operations performed inside the cell.

If you record an operation on a custom cell editor, UFT records a statement that reflects the operation you performed on the object inside of the cell. For example, if the cell editor contains a custom check box, UFT might record the following statement:

Browser("Periodic").Page("Periodic").JavaWindow("CoolJava").JavaDialog("SetOptions").JavaCheckBox("MyCheckBox").Set "ON"

instead of:

Browser("Periodic").Page("Periodic").JavaWindow("CoolJava").JavaDialog("SetOptions").JavaTable("MyTable").SetCellData "ON"