Terminal emulator recovery scenarios

When creating a recovery scenario for your terminal emulator application tests, you can use the values of the Emulator status property and the other properties of the TeWindow object to define specific recovery scenarios for your terminal emulator application tests or business components.

Possible values for the Emulator status include:

  • Busy. Emulator is communicating with the server.

  • Disconnected. Emulator is not connected to the server.

  • Locked. Emulator cannot currently accept input.

  • Ready. Emulator is waiting for input.

  • Unavailable. Emulator status cannot be identified.

For each emulator status, you can create a recovery scenario that performs an appropriate recovery operation. For example:

  • Disconnected. Reconnect to the server, using a function call recovery operation that includes recorded steps for connecting, API commands in a VB Script, or a keyboard shortcut key, according to the capabilities of your terminal emulator.

  • Ready. Perform specific operations according to the content of a displayed error message, including pressing the relevant key.

  • Locked. Activate the emulator's RESET key, or use a handler function to disconnect from the server and reconnect.