Use the Test Cases Generator

Relevant for: GUI tests and business process tests

What is the Test Combinations Generator? The Test Combinations Generator is a tool for your business process tests to automatically generate multiple combinations of data to use in test runs. This enables you to run more efficient testing of your application by creating data combinations that suit your testing needs.

When you should use the Test Combinations Generator? You should use the Test Combinations Generator when you have multiple parameters in your test, each with multiple possible values. The Test Combinations Generator enables you to select the combination algorithm you want to use and then automatically generate the possible combinations (without you having to do it manually).

Tip: For a use case scenario on how to use the Test Combinations Generator, see Use-Case Scenario: Use the Test Combinations Generator

To access

For GUI tests: With a GUI test in focus, in the toolbar, click the Test Combinations Generator button and select the test for which you want to generate test combinations.

For business process tests:

  1. In the Properties Pane, select the Test Configurations tab .
  2. In the Test Configurations tab, click the Test Combinations button.

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