Generating data table parameters

In addition to manually adding parameters to your data table, or importing individual sheets from an external Excel file, you can use the Test Combinations Generator to populate values into the Global data table.

Using the Test Combinations Generator, you can:

  • Import or export values for the parameters in your test to create new value combinations

  • Automatically generate possible values for each of the parameters in your data table (instead of entering them all yourself into the data table)

  • Create combinations of parameters to use when parameterizing your test

Once you create the Global data table parameters, enter the possible values in the Test Combinations Generator, and generate the combinations, UFT automatically enters the values into the Global data table, and they are available to use in your test runs.

In addition, these generated combinations are saved with your test in the test folder.

You can generate multiple combinations for a test, and select the appropriate combination from the Test Combinations drop-down list in the toolbar. You can also automatically associate one of them with the test via the Resources pane in the Test Settings dialog.

For details on using the Test Combinations Generator and how to generate the parameters, see Generate test configurations.