Run a GUI test with a disconnected Remote Desktop Connection

Relevant for: GUI tests only

This task describes how to run a GUI test after disconnecting an Remote Desktop Connection to a computer running UFT. This enables you to start a test run and disconnect your computer from the UFT computer, enabling the test to run independently while you continue work on your own computer.

Note: This feature is not supported in the Microsoft Windows® XP environment or the Hyper-V virtualization server.


If you want to run UFT in a minimized RDP session, and you are using an RDP 6.0 or later client, enable this by setting a registry value on the computer that is running the Remote Desktop session

  1. If necessary, create the RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimized registry value (DWORD type) in one of the following registry paths on the computer that is running the RDP client:

    32-bit operating systems <HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client
    64-bit operating systems <HKEY_CURRENT_USER>\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client
  2. Set the data for this value to 2.

  3. Restart your remote session in order for this setting to take effect.

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Log in to the remote computer running UFT

On your local computer, open a Windows Remote Desktop Connection session and connect to the remote computer running UFT.

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Configure the Remote Desktop Connection options in the remote computer

You must configure the Remote Connection options before beginning to run the test:

  1. In the Options dialog box, open the Run Sessions pane (Tools > Options > General tab > Run Sessions node).

  2. Enable the Remote Desktop Connection options by selecting the Allow UFT to continue running GUI or business process tests after disconnection from an RDP computer option.

  3. Enter the user name and password of the user connecting to the remote computer with the Remote Desktop connection.

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Configure the Windows Task Scheduler options for automation runs - optional

If you are running the test via automation, in the General tab of the Windows Task Scheduler dialog box, ensure that the Run only when user is logged on option is selected:

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Start the test and disconnect from the Remote Desktop connection

  1. On the remote computer, start the test run.
  2. On your local computer, close your Remote Desktop Connection session.

    IMPORTANT: You must remain logged on to the computer running UFT.

    The test run continues on the remote computer until completion.

    Note: For a UFT server that allows multiple users to log in with the same username/password: When a user initiates a test run and disconnects from RDP during the run, the run execution goes to the background and the user has no access to the execution when they log in again, because the test is executed in another session.

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