Known Issues- Using Checkpoints

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

Accessibility checkpoints

In ALM, you can view a comparison of accessibility checkpoints in the Asset Comparison Tool only if both UFT and the UFT Add-in for ALM are installed on the ALM computer. defect 84311 QTP 11

Bitmap checkpoints

Bitmap checkpoints on objects containing text may fail if you create them using a Remote Desktop Connection and then run them locally, or if you create them locally and then run the checkpoint steps using a Remote Desktop Connection. In the run results, the image displayed when you click View Difference in the bitmap checkpoint results shows some text shapes.

Workaround: Enable the Font smoothing option in the Remote Desktop Connection application.

Database checkpoints
  • The format of captured values varies depending on the specific system settings. For example, date and time values may be set to different formats.

    Workaround: If you are running the test or scripted component on a different system than the one you used to record the test, confirm that the systems use the same format settings.

  • When you create a database checkpoint on one machine and try to run it on different machine, you should have the same ODBC driver installed on both machines.
File content checkpoints
  • File content checkpoints for htm/html files generated dynamically by third-party Javascript code are not supported.

  • When creating File Content checkpoints, UFT gathers information from the application under test. This can sometimes take up to two minutes.

XML checkpoints
  • When executing an XML checkpoint on an XML file that contains > as a value, an error message may occur.

  • When you add a new value node to an XML node, in some cases the new value may not be displayed.

    Workaround: Close the Edit XML as Text dialog box and reopen it to display the new value node correctly.

  • When inserting an XML file checkpoint on a file that cannot be loaded, or a file that is formatted incorrectly, you may receive an error message.

  • Creating and running XML checkpoints for large XML documents may take a few minutes.

Working with ALM In ALM, you cannot create, edit, or rename checkpoints for keyword GUI components.