Test Configurations Tab (Properties Pane - BPT)

Relevant for: business process tests

This tab enables you to add test configurations to your test and instruct UFT how to use the data in the associated test configuration..

To access
  1. In the Solution Explorer, make sure that the business process test for which you want to view properties is selected.

  2. Select View > Properties or click the Properties pane button and select the Test Configurations tab .

Important information
  • By default, the Test Parameters Mapping and Components Automap tabs are not displayed. You must expand the Mappings header to see these tabs.

  • If you download the Excel file for a specific test configuration, you can save it only in the format in which it was uploaded (i.e. if the file is a .xls it is saved as a .xls file, not a .xlsx file).

Relevant tasks Set up and run test configurations
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