Select Steps Page

Relevant for: API testing only

When you start the wizard from the Toolbox pane, it enables you to resolve conflicts for all steps that use the selected method. This wizard page enables you to include or exclude specific steps in which to apply the resolutions.

Important information
  • General information about this wizard is available here: Resolve REST Method Steps Wizard.
  • The ability to select the steps to resolve, is only available when you open the wizard from the Toolbox pane—not from the alert on the canvas.
  • The wizard only checks those REST steps that are based on the prototype selected in the Toolbox pane.
Wizard map

This wizard contains:

Select Steps Page > Resolve Conflicts Page > Finish Page

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled UI elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


<test tree>

A tree hierarchy of the test steps.

The following steps of the wizard will only affect the selected steps.

Check All

Selects all test steps in which a conflict was detected.

Uncheck All

Clears the check box for all test steps in which a conflict was detected, excluding them from the wizard.