Installation and licenses

The Unified Functional Testing Installation Guide describes the UFT system prerequisites and installation process.
To view, click: Unified Functional Testing Installation Guide

UFT supports various types of licenses. You can install licenses using the License Wizard or from the command line.

We recommend you use the Autopass License Server version 9 or higher.

Information in this Help Center describes how you can use the Autopass License Server from UFT. For full details on Autopass License Server capabilities, such as proxy settings, license installation and management, and user management, see the AutoPass License Server User Guide.

Demo license

When you install UFT for the first time, you have a demo license valid for 60 days.

This demo license is a seat license. If you need a demo concurrent license, you should contact your HPE sales representative or HPE partner.

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Seat licenses

A machine-specific license based on a specific locking code per computer.

The key must be entered once only, and provides one installation per key.

A computer with multiple bootable partitions may generate a different locking code for each partition.

When obtaining a seat license key, you must use the locking code for the partition on which you want to use UFT.

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Concurrent licenses

A license taken from a license server on a per-session basis. You must have an active network connection to install and check out commuter licenses.

Each time UFT starts, UFT tries to connect to the License Server for an available license.

Each key provides unlimited installations . The license server regulates the number of licenses in use at any given time.

Tip: Use the HPE Usage Hub tool to track license usage across your network.

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Commuter licenses

A license checked out for a period of time to use when you are not connected to the license server.

You or another user must have an active network connection to install and check out commuter licenses.

The license key is based on the machine identification, and is specific for the computer making the request.

A commuter license key needs to be entered only once, and provides one installation for a limited period of time.

After the commuter license expires, UFT automatically returns to the previously used license type.

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