.NET Windows Forms table checkpoints and output values

For some .NET Windows Forms table or grid objects, UFT can display the checkable elements in the grid differently.

For tables/grids with more than 100 rows, you specify the rows you want to include in the checkpoint or output value in the Define/Modify Row Range Dialog Box. If you do not specify the rows to include, the table checkpoint or output value captures all data in the current level or view as follows:

When working with:

The table checkpoint or output value captures:

ComponentOne C1FlexGrid and C1TrueDBGrid

The entire grid.

Microsoft Data Grid and DataGrid View

The currently displayed table (parent or child).

Infragistics UltraWinGrid

The band in which a cell, column, or row is selected.

DevExpress XtraGrid

The view that was most recently set.

Insert a SetView method before your table checkpoint to ensure that the view you want is displayed when the table checkpoint runs.

Apart from the difference in captured information as listed above, you define a table checkpoint or output value for .NET Windows Forms in the same way as you do for any other table..