Data in rows that require scrolling

When working in tests, UFT inserts a new Input statement and creates a new input data sheet each time you send information to the server that includes table or grid cell data. Therefore, if scrolling results in sending data to the server, we recommend adding data only to visible cells during the recording session. If you want to enter data into additional rows during the run session, you can add those rows to the data sheet manually while editing your test.

If you create an input data set for rows that are not visible on the table or grid in your application, then UFT must scroll the table or grid during the run session to insert the data for those rows. If you create an input data set for a row that needs to be added to the table or grid, UFT must send a command to add the row. By default, UFT sends a PageDown command if the rows in the data sheet exceed those currently displayed in the application. If UFT needs to use the ENTER key to add additional rows to the table or grid, then you need to manually add the optional ScrollMethod argument (with the value ENTER) to your Input statement before running your test.

For example:

SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("Create Standard").SAPGuiTable("SAPMV45ATCRTL_V_ERF_").Input "Action1.All items", ENTER