Automatically parameterizing table and grid cell values

When working with tests, UFT records a SetCellData statement, by default, each time you modify the value of a cell in a table or grid. If you want to modify the values of several cells in a single table or grid, and then parameterize your test so that different values are entered into the cells each time your test action runs, you can do this by parameterizing each statement individually, or by enabling the Auto-parameterize table and grid controls option.

When this option is selected, UFT automatically captures all values you set for a particular table or grid during a recording session and stores them in a special data sheet in the Data pane. UFT inserts a single SAPGuiTable.Input, SAPGuiGrid.Input, or SAPGuiAPOGrid.Input statement into your test, which refers to this new data sheet. Before running the test, you can easily modify the values or add additional sets of data to the data sheet for each action iteration.

Note: You also use this option to enable creation of table parameters when learning flows using the Packaged Apps Kit for Business Process Testing.

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