UFT-SAP Solution Manager Integration

In addition to ALM, HPE's Web-based test management tool, you can also store and manage GUI tests in SAP Solution Manager.

Use Solution Manager with UFT to run quality tests in environments that span beyond Windows and SAP environments including complex, multi-platform, highly-integrated composite, legacy, and proprietary enterprise applications.

UFT integrates with SAP Solution Manager using the SAP Solutions Add-in.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, references to Solution Manager in this Help Center apply to all currently supported versions of SAP eCATT (SAP Extended Computer Aided Test Tool) and SAP Solution Manager.

Some features and options may not be supported in the specific edition of Solution Manager or eCATT that you are using.

For a list of the supported versions of Solution Manager or eCATT, see the Unified Functional Testing Product Availability Matrix.


Solution Manager support is available only when you have the following items installed on your computer.

SAP Frontend software

Including support for Unicode.

SAP GUI for Windows software

Including support for RFC libraries.

Add support for RFC libraries by selecting the Unicode RFC Libraries check box (under Development Tools) during the SAP installation.

UFT SAP Solutions Add-in For details, see Manage UFT add-ins.
Solution Manager integration components

Note: UFT cannot connect to both Solution Manager and ALM in the same session. Therefore, you cannot use Solution Manager to manage business components and application areas.

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Configure your Solution Manager server

To work with SAP Solution Manager, you must configure your Solution Manager server to work with UFT. After the server is configured, you can connect to Solution Manager from UFT in Standalone Mode, or you can connect to UFT from Solution Manager in Integrated Mode.

You can create tests from UFT or from Solution Manager, store tests and associated resource files in the Solution Manager database, edit tests, run tests, and review run results. You can also call and pass values from a Solution Manager test script to a GUI test.

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