Known Issues- Business Components and Application Areas

Relevant for: GUI components only

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations for business components.

  • Names and paths of components, application areas, and resources (for example, function libraries, object repositories, and recovery scenarios) are not Unicode compliant and therefore should be specified either in English or in the language of the operating system.
  • Business component scripts that were created in QTP 11.00, and contain the ActionName environment variable, return different values for the ActionName variable value when run in UFT.

    For example, an ActionName variable that returned the BC1 value as the component name in QTP 11 returns the BC1[BC1] value in UFT.

    Workaround: Update your scripts as needed to use the new environment variable value.

  • You can work with API components in much the same way as API tests, with some limitations:

    • You cannot use Load Test activities in a component. If you save a load-enabled test as a business component, it will no longer be load-enabled.
    • You cannot use Automated Testing Tool activities in a component.
    • Encoded password type properties are not supported. If the component has a property of type password (or encrypted in ALM 11.00 and later), the value will be treated as an ordinary string, without encoding or decoding.
    • Multiple User Variable profiles are not supported. Remove all but one of the profiles.