Known Issues- Resources and Dependencies

Relevant for: GUI tests and components and API testing

  • When you save a resource to ALM (either from UFT or using the Upload option from the ALM Test Resources module), and the resource file has a comma in the file name, the resource appears to be saved successfully, but the file is not actually uploaded to the ALM server.

  • For GUI testing: If you insert a call to an external action that is associated with a data table, and that data table was previously renamed or moved in the Test Resources module of Quality Center or ALM, UFT tries to locate the data table in its original location.

    Workaround: Save the test, close it, and reopen it.

  • If you are working with the Resources and Dependencies model, and the test containing the action you are renaming is stored the Test Plan module in ALM, the internal (default) action name is always displayed in the Used By Tab (Action Properties Dialog Box). This is true even if you rename the action.