Canvas User Interface (API Testing)

Relevant for: API testing only

The canvas provides a visual representation of the test flow.

To access
  1. Create or open an API test or component.
  2. Click on the test tab.
Important information

Manipulate steps by dragging them to reorder, copying and pasting, or deleting.

Add special steps, including:

  • Loop steps. Define loop step details in the Properties pane.
  • Two-branched conditional steps. Add activities as part of the conditional branches.
  • Break steps, to move the test run to the step after the loop.
  • Continue steps, to begin the next iteration.

Test individual steps using the Run Step command.

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


<Zoom slider>

Enables you to zoom in or out of the test flow image.

Do one of the following:

  • Click the magnifying glass with the plus sign to zoom in on (enlarge) the test flow image.
  • Click the magnifying glass with the minus sign to zoom out of (shrink) the test flow image.
  • Click and drag the zoom slider position handle left or right to zoom in or out of the test flow image.

<Return to default size>. Returns the test flow image to the default size and the zoom slider position to the center.

Show parameters

Enables you to select the level of information shown in the canvas, including:

  • None. Shows only the number of input and output properties, adjacent to each step or action frame. Clicking the number shows the property names.
  • All. Displays the names of all the input and output properties and their links, with the total number of properties.
  • Links only. Displays only the links to other steps in the flow, and the number of properties. (API tests only)

    Tip: Clicking the number displays the properties for the step.

  • Links and names. Displays the links to other steps, the name of the linked properties, and the number of properties.
  • Custom. Indicates that the Show parameters settings for some of the steps were modified manually and not via the drop down. This entry is not selectable.

<Minimap display>. Located above the test flow image on the right, and displays or hides the test flow minimap in the lower left corner of the canvas.

The toggle button is highlighted when the minimap is displayed.

<Test flow>

Displays the test flow in a flow chart format, as well as any parameter details available, as specified in the Show parameters drop-down list.


A small, high-level view of the entire test flow, useful when using large flows and/or small screens.

Note: When you zoom out of the canvas, the area displayed in the canvas becomes larger. This has the effect of shrinking the test flow image in the minimap because the minimap displays the entire test flow.