Resolve conflicts in a REST service test step

Relevant for: API testing only

This task describes how to update a REST method step that was changed.

Modify the step as required

In the Properties pane, modify the REST service step as required: add or remove properties, change property values, and so forth. If there are conflicts, the canvas will display warning icons next to the relevant steps.

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Open the wizard

  • To resolve conflicts for the selected step, click the warning icon in the top right corner of the REST method step in the canvas. Select This step should be resolved. Resolve step. The Resolve REST Method Steps wizard opens.

  • To resolve conflicts for all steps created with the prototype, right-click the method in the Toolbox pane and select Apply Changes to all Steps.

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Run the wizard

  1. Select the steps that you want to resolve (only relevant when opening the wizard through the Toolbox pane).

    The left pane, Before Changes, shows the step's properties before they were resolved. The right pane, After Changes, shows the step's properties after they were resolved.

  2. Proceed with the wizard, resolving or keeping the detected differences.

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