Known Issues- Custom Activities

Relevant for: API testing only

Web services

  • You cannot import WSDL files with names that are restricted by the Windows operating system. This list includes: CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9.

    Workaround: Rename the WSDL file before the import.

  • The following WSDLs are not supported:

    • WSDL version 2.0

    • WSDLs containing a <appInfo> element.

    • RPC Encoded WSDLs configured as Asynchronous Web services.

    • WSDLs authenticated by HTTP digest on Apache servers.

  • When opening many tests in the same solution using one or more of the same Web services, UFT may develop a memory leak.

    Workaround: Move the Web service to the file system or ALM repository. To do this, import a Web service and then, in the Toolbox pane, right-click the Web Service activity and select Move to > File System Activities or ALM Activities.

  • For a Web service imported as a server response:

    • RPC type WSDLs cannot be imported as a server response. If you attempt to update a service from an RPC encoded WSDL, it will create a duplicate entry.

    • If you end the UFT.exe process during the listening stage, after the binding was added, the binding will not be removed from the system.

      Workaround: Remove the binding manually using a utility such as httpcfg.exe or netsh.exe.

    • When working with SSL, certificates from a file are not supported. If you move the test to another machine, the certificate will not be saved with the test.

      Workaround: Add the certificate to the local machine store before the listener starts, and remove it at the end of the listening process.

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REST services

  • Importing a schema to a REST, HTTP, or SOAP checkpoint may remove the links of the input properties.

  • XPath checkpoints are not supported for HTTP and REST activities.

  • If you link between input and output properties in the same REST method and then delete the input property without removing the link, the link expression still remains in the output property. If you save the test in this state, you may be unable to reopen it.

    Workaround: Delete the link explicitly either before or immediately after deleting its source property.

  • When defining a REST method prototype in the Add/Edit REST Service dialog box - in order to use the Trim, Ignore, or Stop test options, select the check box in the Validate column, in the Checkpoints pane.

  • When running a REST method using the Run Step command, checkpoints of dynamic property values in the method linked to other property values (input or output) are ignored. UFT 11.52 Defect 114454

  • When building JSON content and loading it in the XML Grid Model for OData and Swagger, all data types other than String are included as values in the JSON content.

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Web Application Services

The following elements are not supported when importing your WADL. UFT does not import these elements into the WADL hierarchy inside your test:

  • Grammars element

  • Resource_type element

  • Link element

Any child elements of these elements are also ignored by UFT and not added to your WADL inside the test.

In addition, if you use the href attribute to link to other elements, you must refer to an element in the same WADL file. Linking between WADL files is not supported.

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Network Capture Activities

Steps added to your test from a network capture file do not include:

  • Security settings for Web service calls and SOAP requests

  • Web authentication information for any type of step

  • Cookies data for HTTP request

  • Attachments sent as part of the Web Service call

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.NET Assembly Activities

Importing or adding references to 64-bit .NET assemblies is not supported.

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