UFT Tutorial

The UFT Tutorial is a self-paced Help that teaches you the basics of testing your application with UFT. It will familiarize you with the process of creating and running automated GUI and API tests and analyzing the run results.

After completing the tutorial, apply the skills you learned to test your own application.

Tutorial audience and scope

This tutorial is intended for users who are new to UFT. UFT enables you to create GUI tests, API tests, business process tests, and composite tests containing GUI and API tests or calls to tests.

The file system paths in the tutorials are relevant for Windows 7 operating systems. Paths in other operating systems may differ.

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Tutorial quick reference

Jump to any of the following sections for a refresher, or to pick up where you left off:

Introducing Unified Functional Testing Learn general testing concepts and basics about navigating UFT.
Analyze your application and creating tests Learn about our demo flight reservation application, and start by creating a UFT solution.
Create and running automated GUI tests

Learn to create and run automated GUI tests using our demo flight reservation application.

This section also covers parameterization, checkpoints, output values, function libraries, and Insight.

Create and run automated API tests Learn how to create and run automated API tests on Web and REST services, and WADLs.
Creating and Running GUI and API Tests in a Single Test Learn how to combine your GUI and API tests into a single automation test.
Where do you go from here? Tips on next steps for new users who've completed the tutorial.

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Printer-friendly tutorials

The following PDF tutorials are also available:

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