Lesson 2: Create simple API test steps

In UFT API tests, the process of creating tests is a visual one. Your test steps are displayed on a canvas which shows the entire master test flow.

Creating the actual test steps consists of two main parts:

  1. Creating test steps by dragging the appropriate activities to the test flow in the canvas.

    The Toolbox pane contains all the activities you can use in your test. From the list of activities contained in the canvas, you can drag them to the canvas and add them to the test flow in any place:

  2. Adding step properties (input and checkpoints of the step)

    After you drag a test step to the canvas, the properties for the step are displayed in the Properties pane each time you select the step in the canvas:

    Each step has two different kinds of properties:

    Input These properties are used by UFT to set the values that the activity needs to run the step.

    These values are compared against the actual values after the step is run to ensure that it runs correctly (or does not run correctly).

    Checkpoint properties are optional when running a test.

    In this lesson, you will use these basic capabilities to create a basic test.