UFT API Testing Standard Activities

When you create an API test, there are a number of standard activities provided with all tests. These test common application processes, including:

  • Flow Control activities, such as Wait, Break, and Condition step.
  • String Manipulation activities, such as Concatenate Strings and Replace String
  • File system activities for processes performed using the file system
  • Database activities
  • FTP activities
  • Network activities, such as HTTP Request and SOAP Request
  • JSON and XML activities for application processes that involve interacting with XML or JSON strings/files
  • Math and Date/Time activities
  • Other Miscellaneous activities, including a Custom Code activity, Run Program and End Program activities, and a Report activity.

There are a number of technology-specific activities:

  • A Call Java Class activity which tests Java processes used in your application
  • JMS (Java Message Service) activities
  • IBM Websphere MQ activities
  • SAP activities to access an SAP iDOC or RFC stored on a SAP server
  • Load Testing activities which help your test run (after a conversion to a LoadRunner script) with LoadRunner
  • HPE Automated Testing Tools activities, which enable you to call a GUI test or action, API test or action, or Virtual User Generator Script from UFT, QuickTest Professional, Service Test, or LoadRunner as part of your test

There are a number of custom activities you can also import into your test, but these types of activities will be discussed in detail in later lessons.