Lesson 4: Parameterize API test steps

In Lesson 2: Create simple API test steps and Lesson 3: Create API test steps using standard activities, you learned how to provide the values for API test steps by manually entering the required input and checkpoint values.

However, you can also provide the input and checkpoint values from other sources:

  • Data sources included with your test (including Excel files, XML, database data sources, or locally-created tables
  • Output of previous steps
  • A combination of all the above: manually entering the required data, data sources, and output of previous steps

Using these data sources to populate step input and output values enables you to mimic how your application works, as the input of an application process can come from a data source, the result of a previous application process and the like.

In this lesson, you will learn how to parameterize API test steps using different methods.

This lesson includes the following: