Exercise 4a: Parameterize a test step from a data source

As you saw in Parameterizing API test steps, one of the ways you provide values to test steps is by linking the step property values to a data source. This enables you to run the test step with multiple different values, depending on the structure of the data source.

In your API test, you can add multiple different types of data sources:

  • Excel sheets

  • XML files or schemas

  • Databases

  • Locally-stored data tables

Each of these can be added to your test, which makes it available for all steps in the test.

In this lesson, you will link test steps to a data source.

Now that you have learned how to connect test steps to data sources, continue with Exercise 4b: Parameterize a test step from the output of a previous step to learn how to link step properties with the output of a previous step.