Exercise 5b: Navigate the run results

In Exercise 5a: Run a test, you ran the Standard test you created. After the test run is finished, the run results automatically display the results for this test run.

Note: By default, the run results are displayed in an HTML-based report. You can also choose to have the run results displayed in the Run Results Viewer in the Run Sessions pane of the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > General tab > Run Sessions node). The lessons in this tutorial are based on the HTML-based report.

When the run results open, it displays the following:

Initially, the run results display the following:

Test flow A graphical representation of the results in a tree, organized accordingly to the steps in the test. You can instruct UFT to run a test more than once using different sets of data in each run. Each run is called an iteration, and each iteration is numbered.
Error list A list of all the errors and warnings, presented in a list.
Step summary information

A high-level results overview report, containing general information about the test, which steps passed or failed, and details about each test step.

The summary also includes a link to open up the captured data for that test step.

Your test run succeeded because UFT was able to perform all the steps correctly according to the steps you created and the properties you provided. If an error occured and your test did not run successfully, the error is listed in the log in the Output pane. In such cases, go back and make sure that the steps are configured exactly as described in this tutorial.

Now that you know what the run results display, continue to Exercise 5c: Analyze the run results to learn about the details of the run results.