Exercise 8d: Build a test with Web Application service methods

In Exercise 8b: Import a Web Application service model, you imported a WADL file that contained descriptions of the methods used in your Web Application service. In Exercise 8c: Edit the Web Application service methods, you added additional property information to these methods which was not defined in the WADL file.

In the Book Flights GUI test that you created in Lesson 3: Add steps to a test, the order of the application windows was as follows:

When you create an API test of the same application, you want to make the steps match the application's flow as closely as possible. In the list of methods imported from the WADL file, you have the some of the following:

  • GetFlights
  • GetFlightOrders
  • UpdateFlightOrder
  • DeleteFlightOrder
  • DeleteAllFlightOrders
  • ReserveOrder

In order to match the flow of the user interface, you need to create API test steps that find the flight, and then create a flight order based on the customer input.

In this exercise, you will create two test steps: GetFlights and ReserveOrder.

Now that you have created a test using the methods imported from your WADL file, you are ready to run the test and view the run results. Continue to Exercise 8e: Run a Web Application service test to run the test.