Create a solution

In UFT, you create a solution to serve as a container for your tests. In the solution, you add any tests, business components, application areas, or function libraries to the solution. The same document can be added to multiple solutions.

Solutions enable you to group tests together in a convenient way. For example, you can create solutions containing all the tests of a particular application, or create solutions containing only the GUI or API tests of your application's parts.

In this exercise, you will create a new solution to hold the tests you will create in the course of this tutorial.

Start UFT

  1. Open UFT.

    • Double-click the UFT icon on your desktop or on the Start Screen (in Windows 8.x or higher or Windows Server 2012).

    • In Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, select Start > All Programs > HPE Software > HPE Unified Functional Testing.

  2. In the Add-in Manager, confirm that only the WPF Add-in is selected. Clear all other add-ins.

    Note: If the Add-in Manager does not open when starting UFT, after UFT opens select Tools > Options. Then, in the Startup Options pane (Tools > Options > General tab > Startup Options node), select the Display Add-in Manager on startup option.

  3. Click OK to close the Add-in Manager and open UFT.

Note: If the WPF Add-in is not installed on your computer, it is not included in the list of available add-ins in the Add-in Manager. To add it, run an Update installation and install the .NET Add-in.

To install, follow the screens of the Installation Wizard. The .NET Add-in and WPF Add-in are found in the Custom Setup screen of the Installation Wizard here:

Create a new solution

  1. In the toolbar, click the New down arrow and select New Solution.

  2. Enter the details for the solution:

    • Name: Flight Reservation Application

    • Location: By default, all solutions and tests are saved at C:\%HOMEPATH%\My Documents\Unified Functional Testing. For the purposes of this tutorial, you do not need to modify this path.

  3. Click Create.

    In the Solution Explorer pane, you can now see that the solution name is displayed at the top of the pane. Tests you add to this solution will be displayed as sub-nodes of this solution.

    Note: If the Solution Explorer is hidden, click the Solution Explorer button in the toolboar or select View > Solution Explorer to display it.

Next steps: