Lesson 1: Create an API test

Before creating the content of a test of your application's service layer, you must first create a test and create the test structure.

  1. In the UFT toolbar, click the New button down arrow and select New Test.
  2. In the New Test dialog box, select API Test.
  3. Enter the following details for your test:

    Name: Basic

    Location: By default, UFT saves documents at C:\%HOMEPATH%\My Documents\Unified Functional Testing. For this lesson, you do not need to modify this path.

  4. Click Create.

    A blank test opens in the canvas with a tab for the test flow (named Basic). Inside the test flow canvas is an empty test flow.

    This test is also displayed as a subnode of the Untitled Solution node in the Solution Explorer pane. (This is the general solution name used when a test is created but not a named solution.)

You are now ready to begin designing API tests. Continue to Lesson 2: Create simple API test steps to learn how to create API test steps.