Get to know the application

Before you begin creating tests of your applications, you should determine exactly what you want to test. To do this, analyze your application in terms of its application processes - the distinct activities that the application performs in order to complete a specific task.

For the purposes of this tutorial, you are testing a flight booking application. This application emulates a flight information and reservation service.

The application consists of two separate components:

  • The Book Flights layer. The user interface for the application.
  • The Flights API layer. This application provides the service (API) side of the flight booking application.

    Note: For specific details on the service's methods and operations, click the Open Help Page button in the Flights API window.

Using the Book Flights layer, you will create a GUI test of the application. Using the Flights API layer, you will create an API test of the application.

As you plan a test of the flight booking application, consider the following:

What business processes need to be tested?

Consider the following:

  • What processes is your application supposed to perform?
  • Based on the processes you decide, what actions does a user take to fulfill these processes?
How is the application organized?
  • Are there separate sections/pages/modules of the application for each user activity?
  • What are the activities a user can perform?
  • Where are these sections/pages/modules in the application?
  • What are the expected results of these user activities?
  • What behind-the-scenes processes support these user activities?
What user interface elements need to be tested in each of the application's sections/pages/modules?
  • What user interface objects need to be tested in each area?
  • What user actions does the test need to simulate?
What activities might be used in multiple scenarios?

What specific user actions or application processes are done repeatedly? For example, logging onto an application could be something a user performs repeatedly, or connecting to the user credential database is an activity the application performs repeatedly.

What development environments need to be supported for testing purposes? UFT provides add-ins to support numerous testing environments. In order to load the proper ones for your application, you must consider the technologies used in the development of the application in order to ensure UFT supports your technologies. In addition, you must also load these add-ins when opening UFT and creating tests. This ensures that UFT will properly recognize the objects in your application when creating and running tests.

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