Creating and Running GUI and API Tests in a Single Test

Note: You must perform the tutorial lessons included in Create and running automated GUI tests and Create and run automated API tests before doing this part of the tutorial.

When you are testing your application, in order to perform a comprehensive test, you must test both the user interface (the GUI) and the service layer (the API). One of the challenges in doing this is maintaining and running separate tests for each part of your application.

However, in UFT, although you still must create and maintain both GUI and API tests of your application, you can run unified tests which test both the GUI and the API of your application in a single unified test run. You simply call an API test from a GUI test, and UFT runs both layers of the application within a single test run. Then, after the test run is complete, the run results display a unified view, reporting the performance of both the GUI and API layers in a single report.

In this part, you will learn how to create and run tests which include both GUI and API tests in a single test run.

This section includes the following: