Configure log tracking of your application

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This pane enables you to configure and view your log tracking and collection preferences.

  • The settings in the top half are UFT-specific, enabling it to receive log messages during a run session.
  • The settings in the bottom half are specific to the log configuration file used by your application.

When configured, these settings are used during a run session if your Windows-based application uses a Java or .NET log framework that includes a UDP appender. The log messages generated by your application are displayed in the run results.

To access

Do one of the following:

  • With a test, action, or component in focus, select File > Settings > Log Tracking node.

  • Open the application area and select Additional Settings > Log Tracking in the sidebar.

To see a demonstration of this functionality, go to the UFT Apps Marketplace page and select the Log Tracking video.

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