Active Screen Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab)

Relevant for: GUI tests only

This pane enables you to specify which information UFT saves and displays in the Active Screen while recording and running tests.

The more information saved in the Active Screen, the easier it is to edit the test after it is recorded. However, more information saved in the Active Screen adds to the recording time and disk space required. This is especially critical with Windows-based add-ins, as they require more disk space to save Active Screen data.

To access

Select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Active Screen node.

Important information

The more information you capture, the easier it is to add steps to your test using the many Active Screen options.

However, more captured information also leads to slower recording and editing times.

Removing or decreasing Active Screen information can be especially useful for conserving disk space after you have finished designing the test and you are using the test only for test runs.

Apply updated options to a test by using Update Run mode or re-recording the steps.

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The Active Screen pane contains the following key areas: