Portable copies of tests

Relevant for: GUI tests and API tests

You may need to create a portable copy of a test for use when you do not have access to a test's resources.

Portable GUI tests

File > Save (Other) > Save with Resources

Save a standalone copy of your GUI test and its resource files to a local drive or to another storage device.

UFT creates a copy of the following and saves the files in the location you specify:

  • Source test.

  • Resource files, such as function libraries and shared object repositories.

  • Called actions, including actions stored in other tests.

    UFT does not save the resource files associated with other tests. If you call actions from other tests, ensure that the relevant resources are associated with your test.

  • Called API tests.
Portable API tests

Save a standalone copy of your API test and its resources to a local drive or to another storage device by saving the activity as a local activity.

  1. In the Toolbox pane, right-click on the service name and select Move to > File System Activities. The service moves to the File System Activities section of the Toolbox pane.

  2. Select File > Save (Other) > Save with Resources.

You can also use the File > Export Test to save the test in a .zip file. Then import the test from this zip file using the File > Import Test command..