Local System Monitor Pane (Test/Business Component Settings Dialog Box / Application Area - Additional Settings Pane)

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This pane enables you to activate system monitoring, and define the system counters you want to track during a run session. These counters enable you to monitor the resources used by your application.

The system counters that can be monitored are the process counters that are accessible through the performance console (select Start > Run > and then enter Perform).

To access

Do one of the following:

  • For a test:

    With a test, action, or business component in focus, select File > Settings > Local System Monitor node.

  • For an application area:

    Open the application area and select Additional Settings > Local System Monitor in the sidebar.

Important information

  • For components, this pane is read-only.

    The Local System Monitor data that is captured during a run session is displayed in the run results.

    Note: System monitor information is not displayed in the HTML report.

  • If more than one process with the same name runs during a run session, and you monitor a counter for that process (for example, you select to monitor a counter for the iexplorer.exe process, and more than one Internet Explorer browser is open on your desktop during the run session), the counter is sampled from the application that contains at least one test object from the test or component. If more than one application meets this criterion, only one application is monitored.

  • Local system monitoring can only monitor the status of one instance of the application. If more than one instance of the application is running, UFT monitors only the instance that was opened first.

  • For business process tests: Local system monitoring runs only if the application area associated with the first component in the business process test is set to run local system monitoring, and only on the application defined in the Local System Monitor pane. This means that if another component that runs later in the business process test is associated with a different application area, local system monitor settings from that application area are ignored.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Enable local system monitoring every: __ seconds

The frequency in seconds, by which the system counters for this application will be checked.

Use the up and down arrows or enter a value in the edit box to change the number of seconds.

Minimum value: One second.

Application to monitor

The application whose system counters you want to monitor. You can define the application in any of the following ways:

  • Enter the name of the application's executable file (without file extension) in the edit box.

  • Clicking the down arrow in the edit box, displays a list that contains the following:

  • Click the browse button and browse to the application's executable file.

  • Make sure that your application is currently running. Then click the pointing hand and point to the application on your desktop.

Note: Sometimes a process is used only as a launcher that creates another process that provides the application functionality. Make sure to select the executable file that actually provides the application functionality.

System Counter

The system counter you want to track for the selected application. Click inside a cell and then click the down arrow. Select the counter from the list. Click the expand button when displayed to show more counters.

You can monitor the process counters, which are accessible through the performance console (select Start > Run > and then enter Perfmon). For details these process counters, see the performance console's Help.


The upper limit of the counter selected in the System Counter column. If the selected counter exceeds this value during the run session, the run fails.

The Limit value is optional. If you do not supply a value, the counter is tracked and the results are displayed in the run results.

Removes the system counter definition from your test or application area.


The description of the counter selected in the System Counter column, as provided by the performance console application.